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Drones have become part of lives. Taking into the consideration the applications can benefit from possibilities unimagined. Will you use it for good or bad? With your participation, we can explore more diligently.

Legal implications, privacy, security and  FCC regulations are covered.
Yo can find news, groups and shop for highly rated drones and accessories on the following industries:




  1. Videography / Photography
  2. Real Estate (Commercial / Residential)
  3. Marketing
  4. Disaster Response
  5. City/Government
  6. Education
  7. Environment / Climate
  8. Insurance
  9. Aviation
  10. Meteorology
  11. Tourism
  12. Engineering
  13. Inspections
  14. Utilities
  15. Mining / Oil & Gas
  16. Mapping
  17. Construction / Pre-Construction
  18. Maritime

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